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You have two options for digital music at LCPL: Hoopla and Freegal. Each has advantages! Both require a Full Access or Digital Access card and PIN.

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What's the Difference?


Check out period: 7 days. Returns automatically.
Holds? Not needed! You can check out a title even if someone else has it checked out.
Offline listening? Yes, through the iOS or Android apps only.
Number of checkouts: 8 per month (all Hoopla items (albums, ebooks, movies, etc) count toward this total). An entire album counts as 1 checkout regardless of how many songs are on it. Checkouts replenish each month, not when you return an item.
Streaming Rules: You can stream anything you check out.
Supported devices: Many versions of iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Check and see if your device is supported.


Check out period: Infinite! You get to keep the songs you download forever.
Holds? Not needed! You can download a song even if someone else is downloading it.
Offline listening? Yes!
Number of checkouts: 5 per week. Each song counts as 1 checkout. Checkouts replenish every Monday.
Streaming Rules: 5 hours/day! This is in addition to your 5 weekly downloads.
Supported devices: iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire