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Tax Season is Here

IRS Logo All locations will carry the most common tax forms for your use. Find others at the links below. For tax prep help, try the AARP Foundation or VITA/TCE tax aide sites.

Federal Tax Forms   blue square spacer between two links   IN Tax Forms
IL Tax Forms   blue square spacer between two links  Other State Taxes

Global News at Your Fingertips

With 6000 newspapers from 100 different countries, Library PressDisplay makes it easy to stay up-to-date on world news. Sports, business, politics, and more - all free with your library card! Learn More... Library PressDisplay logo: Newspapers from around the world

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April 16, Easter


Library Updates

Join the 2017 Read-a-Thon!

The annual Read-a-Thon is here! This is an exciting contest for young readers that also supports the library and our schools. Last year, we had over 1,000 students raise $57,000! Just ask your teacher or principal to join in - or, if your school isn't participating, visit your local branch for your own entry form. Learn More

The Perks of Email

Have you added your email to your library account yet? It's easy and gets you several perks, like:automatic renewals are one of the perks of adding an email address to your account

• Automatic renewals
• Almost-overdue reminders
• Monthly newsletter

Adding your address is easy. Here's how. And if you give it a try and find you don't like it, you can always change it back!