Jerry Davich Book Signing


Found submerged in his car with a rock on the gas pedal, city official Babe Lopez's execution-style murder rocked East Chicago.

Shot and killed at a political fundraiser, power broker Jay Given's murder occurred while four hundred guests mingled in a neighboring room.

Former Lake Station mayor Keith Soderquist stole thousands of dollars from his reelection campaign and the city's food pantry account to gamble at local casinos.

Defined by a tangled web of deception for more than a century, Northwest Indiana's political culture involved secret handshakes, tapped phone calls, backroom deals and murder. The Friends of LCPL are delighted to welcome author Jerry Davich to the library to discuss his exploration of the hidden political scandals and highly publicized court cases of public servants once sworn to serve and protect.

We will be hosting signings at Merrillville and Munster branches. These events are free to attend, though we do request that you register! Copies of Crooked Politics in Northwest Indiana will be available for purchase at each signing.

When and Where:

Tuesday, March 28 at 6 PM
Register Online
or call (219) 836-8450

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