MakerStation logo: a bronze ovoid plaque that reads MakerStation Create and Connect at Lake County Public Library

Create and Connect at MakerStation Events!

MakerStation events are classes, programs, and activities designed to help you learn and create! You'll meet people with similar ability levels and interests while building skills that you can use in life - like knowledge of circuitry, coding, how to use certain tools, and more.

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What Does Making Look Like?

See some of the things we've learned and made through the MakerStation!

A bracelet made using soldering skills learned at the library

A bracelet made using skills learned in soldering class

Painting Pokemon badges to represent our teams!

Painting badges to represent our Pokemon Go affiliations

Wand making class! Used hot glue and paint

A few results from Harry Potter Wand-Making Class

Coasters made from Scrabble tiles

Coasters made from Scrabble tiles

Suncatchers made using circular weaving skills

Woven CD suncatchers

Decorative coasters made using washi tape.

Washi tape coasters