5th Annual Friends of the Lake County Public Library
Local Author Book Fair

On December 2nd, local authors will be gathering at the Merrillville Branch to share their stories with you. Stop by any time from 1 PM - 4 PM to purchase any that catch your eye and meet the fantastic writers from the area.

We'll have authors of fiction, nonfiction, children's books, murder mysteries, horror stories, and much more. Click the book titles below to visit the authors' websites, read summaries and reviews, and see cover images.

A good crowd for our first ever Local Author Book Fair!
Our first ever Local Author Book Fair in 2013!

Participating Authors

Author Books Genre
Tom Bellino Bac Si: A Novel Suspense
Stefan Barkow In Sickness and in Hell Short Stories
Cathy Braxton & Tami Newmann Start with Yes! Nonfiction
Kathryn Page Camp In God We Trust: How the Supreme Court's First Amendment Decisions Affect Organized Religion
Writers in Wonderland: Keeping Your Words Legal
Desert Jewels
Nonfiction: Legal

Youth Historical Fiction
Dennis G. Collins Conflict in History, Measuring Symmetry,
Thermodynamic Modeling and Other Work
Raquel M. DeJesus Fight for Us Contemporary Romance
Dwight DeRamus A Slice of Truth
Disappearing Dads
Yusuf Ali El Thank You & Please
How to Feel Good About Yourself
Ryme Tyme
Raw Tears
O Woman
One Room Shack

Youth Poetry

Rich Elliott The Competitive Edge: Mental Preparation for Distance Running
Runners on Running
How-To, Sports
Paula Evans The Isle of Iona
Everybody Loves Amy
Fatimoh Harris Navigating the Grant Industry Nonfiction: How-To
Loreal Harris What Am I Feeling?
The Kindergarten Detectives series
Am I Weird?
Am I in Trouble?
Coloring Book
Youth Fiction
R.S. Hibbard Just Jen: Living with Invisible Differences Youth Fiction
Debbie J. Hollingsworth The Sentiments of My Heart
The ABCs of the New Testament Commandments
Nuggets of Monthly Encouragement
The Passion of an Armorbearer
John Hmurovic One Minute After Sunrise Local History Documentary
Ione Joy The Armoire Spiritual Fiction
Sanzaki Kojika Altier
Fall of the Dragon series
The Archive of Sinners series

Bob Moulesong The Adventures of Rugs
Magic: The Series
Picture Books
Youth Fantasy
Sandra Mosley Before You Say "I Do"
The Sermon Notebook
How-To, Christian
Ben Oneal Die Laughing
The Serpent's Gift
Nikei S. Salas Black Girl Gone Guru Memoir
Nancy Nau Sullivan The Last Cadillac: A Memoir Memoir
Anthony & JoAnna Ventrello The Willow Arboretum
Why We Prefer Cats
Bride of Blood
The Man They Call "IT"
Youth Fantasy
Gothic Romance
David Wilgus Our Father's Wonderful Mercy
Horizon Spectrum
Cub Fans Dream Come True
Nonfiction: Sports
Virginia Williams Cocos Island Treasure
Lucky Joe
Sons of the Sea
Hot Air Promotions
Sole Survivor
Historical Fiction

Adra Young The Misfits
The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Vol. 1 & 2
Youth Fiction