Add Your Email Address to Your Library Account

So you want to add your email address to your library account. Great! Pick one of the methods below to start enjoying all the email perks the library has to offer.

Not convinced yet? Here's why adding your email address to your account is awesome. Also note that we take patron privacy very seriously. The library will never, ever sell your information or use it to spam you. We use your email address solely to make keeping track of your materials more convenient for you, and to send our newsletter (which you may easily opt out of at any time!)

Here are 3 easy ways to add your email to your account. Pick the one that seems simplest to you!

Method 1: Email Us

Now you can send an email to add your email! Click here to send us an email. All you have to do is put your library card number in the body and click send. We'll take care of the rest.

(If you clicked the link and your email client was not an option, you can simply go to your favorite email and send a message to circsvs (at) lcplin (dot) org with the subject "Add My Email". Include your library card number in the body.)

Method 2: Do-it-Yourself

  1. Log in to your account. Note: if you've forgotten your PIN, call the library and have your library card number ready. The automatic "Forgot your PIN" function on the log-in page won't work if you don't have an email address in your account!

  2. Expand your Contact Information and Preferences section.

  3. Enter your email address under Contact Information. Under Preferences, choose Email Address if that's how you'd like to receive library notices. Don't forget to click "Submit Change Request"!

Method 3: Talk to a Human

Of course, we're happy to add your email address for you! You can either call or visit your favorite branch and ask any staff member to help you get your email added. See you at the library!

Perks of Adding an Email

Why should you add your email address to your library account? Because it gets you a few great perks:

Automatic Renewal Updates

If your item is coming due and is eligible to be renewed, we take care of it for you! We'll send you an email notice with your new due dates - as well as a list of items that did not renew.

We renew an item 3 days before it's due, but don't worry - the due date will adjust as though it had been renewed on the last possible day, so you still get the item for the maximum length of time. You can also ignore the renewal and return the item, if you like! More details.

Almost-Overdue Notices

Never miss another due-date! We'll send you an email when an item is going to be due soon to remind you to bring it back.

Holds Notices

If you put an item on hold (either a physical item or an Overdrive ebook or audiobook!) we'll email you when it's in so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible!

Emailed Receipts

Get an email instead of a paper receipt for a completely tree-free library experience (except for, you know, that book you just checked out).

Library Newsletter

Stay up to date on everything that's happening at the library. The Library Insider newsletter arrives in your inbox once a month with book recs, services you didn't know the library had, featured events, and more. And yes, it is easy to unsubscribe if you decide you don't want this perk. Here's an example of what you'll find in the newsletter.

We also offer a monthly movie recommendation newsletter! You have to tell us you want it, though. Go here to sign up.